Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Marshamallow Blends = Bathing Bliss!

Marshmallow Blends = Bathing Bliss!

I came across the site on Facebook where the group is growing in number and glowing reviews. I tried to resist but the beautiful pictures and mouth watering products made it just too difficult.

Hence, I placed my first order with Marshmallow Blends just a few short weeks ago, and promised the owner I'd write a blog to share my purchase and thoughts with you all so here it is...

The home page on the site (linked above) states:

'Marshmallow Blends was created for all those sweet toothed ladies like myself who crave delicious scented body products with a twist.

Our Luxurious skin care products are packed full of gorgeous skin nuturing ingredients which will leave your skin feeling soft as marshmallows and smelling sweet.

Our mission is to make every single product deliciously perfect . Each and every item is made up in small fresh batches to ensure you get a quality product which is hand crafted with Love and finished with a sprinkling of fairy dust.'

A mission I can vouch for when I tell you that the products are just divine! All of the sweetness with none of the calories!

Ok, so , onto my purchases....

I opted for two cold process soap slices in Pumpkin Cream and Raspberry and White Chocolate (£3.99 each) and two soft brown sugar body scrubs in Caramel Cupcake and Rustic Gingerbread (£4.99 each). On the day of the order, there was an offer where a Creme Brulee body scrub sample were included with all orders......and to my delight I also got some sample pots of Vanilla Lip Butter and Cupcake Body Butter.

Now, the soaps were meant to be gifts for my family for christmas......

Now, I tried to resist opening the lovely packaging (hence the delay in blogging) but alas, with some persuasion from the company via Facebook (yep, I'm blaming you Marshmallow Blends!) I opened them......

 Raspberry and Chocolate Slice

'This beautiful soap smells amazing. Sweet creamy white chocolate with crisp juicy raspberries. a real bath time treat. Made with added silk and kaolin for a creamy silky texture.'

Oh my days! How delicious does this look? and the smell is all the description leads you to hope for and more...yummy!!!

The detail is fab, from the glittery sprinkles, raspberries and cream on top to the marbled base. I pm'd to make sure I couldn't eat them..... the reply .....they are for external indulgeance only! Oh well!


Pumpkin Cream slice

'Creamy coconut milk and silk have been added to this pumpkin scented cold process soap. Made with shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor and olive oils. Packed with moisture.'

Soft and sparkly and such a wonderful product - just right with Halloween around the corner!

You can feel how packed with moisturising goodness these products are just by handling them. I can't wait to get stuck in...... looks like I'll have to get some more in for the family now!

Onto the tubs...

Caramel Cupcake Scrub
'This body scrub has a delicious bakery cupcake scent and is loaded with soft brown sugar to gently buff away dry skin and leave it looking healthy and feeling amazingly soft. Each jar contains at least 140g of body scrub and contains shea butter, grapeseed oil and vitamin e.'
Rustic Gingerbread Scrub
'A gorgeous soft brown sugar scrub scented with warm gingerbread. A true bakery scent with ginger and sweet cinnamon. Rinses off to leave skin glowing and soft.'

Again, the scent on the products are just too good to be true! I've opened the tubs at least a dozen times and it just makes me wanna eat cake!!!

I've already used half the sample tub of Creme Brulee (as you can probably tell from the pic) and being a huge scrub fan, have to say it was excellent! It was easy to use, only needing a little to slough my arms free of any bumps and dead skin. The sugary scrub also melts away making it really easy to rinse off and leaving no sand-like residue at the bottom of the tub. Result!

(Not the best of lighting but you can see how gritty and easy to apply it appears)

I've also tried the lip butter and body butter on the back of my hand. The lip butter is really smooth and easy to apply. The body butter literally melts into your skin and leaves it scented for ages afterwards.


All in all, I've nothing but good things to say about these products. My only possible opoint for criticism is the postage - £3.99 regardless of the order size - great if you are buying in bulk, not so cost effective if you just want a single item so bear this in mind.

Why not visit the site and add yourself to the facebook group..... tell them you heard about them through me and let me know what you think of the products too.



  1. That raspberry and white choc soap looks absolutely amazing!! I also adore sugar scrubs so I will definitely check them out!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. They really are amazing Em - I'm a self-confessed body lotion/body butter hater until now! The body butter is beautifully scented and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.