Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Are Your Favourite Body Scrubs?

I absolutely LOVE a long soak in a hot tub, or a short sharp blast under the showerhead. What makes it even more enjoyable though, is using a favoured skin scrub! A couple of my own favourites are:
Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream (£20 for 250ml) - I love the way it feels like a burst of freshness on my skin and sloughs off all the dead cells leaving me feeling energised and alive!
L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub (£27 for 400g) - This one is a course scrub but full of lemony scented oily goodness. It leaves my skin with a healthy glow and  with a soft smooth moisturising sheen afterwards.
The more pocket friendly ones I use most often are from Marshmallow Blends (£4.99 a pot). The creme brulee and caramel cupcake smell lovely, have a good small grain consistency and melt away.
But, enough about me... onto the girls off Facebook's favourites (I've gathered this info, with permission, through a number of groups I'm a member of).
 Claire (aged 33) LOVES body scrubs and always uses a shower scrunchie to maximise the effect. She has two favourites: Sanctuary Salt Scrub (£11.50 for 650g) and Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub (around £11.95 for 300ml) both of which she describes simply as "just so so nice!!" Claire loves the "heavenly" scent on these products and finds that they leave her skin feeling the "type of really clean that you just can't get from a normal shower gel"

Zara (age 24) Rates The Body Shop African Ximenia & Salt Scrub (£15 for 350ml) as her favourite. Her reason - "it works, smells good, and is a huge pot for the price!" (You can read Zara's blog here)
Tracey (age 34) loves using the Sanctuary Body Scrub (£5.50 for 200ml) which "leaves skin silky smooth and smells lovely".

Nicola (age 28) also names a product from The Body Shop as one of her favourites - The Brazil Nut Scrub (not currently available but the range of scrubs retail at £12.50 upwards for 200ml). She gives her reasons as because "it smells yummy, has brazil nut kernels which exfoliate but it's also thick and creamy so feels very indulgent".

Steph names her favourite indulgent scrub treat as being the Neom Real Luxury: Organic Body Scrub (£32 for 332g) saying that the product is 'so luxurious and smells amazing'.
Lynne (age 41) claims Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish (sadly not available in UK) to be her favourite skin scrub. She states "OMG - I have yet to find a scrub that is such a pleasure to use! It smells delicious and my skin feels amazing afterwards!"

Sarah (age 29) Rates the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8 for 300ml) as one of her favourites. The product is "Amazeballs!...smells like I want to eat it!" and it "leaves my skin so smooth afterwards as well as being easy to use too"

Denise (age 31) has two top scrubs: Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub (£9.50 for 300ml) and the L'Oreal Paris Exfotonic Skin Revealing Exfoliator (costing around £8 for 200ml). She states that "both of these scrubs really get rid of all dry patches and don't leave a greasy residue."

Fi (age 30) is another fan of the Breakfast Scrub. "this smells amazing. Hard to explain but ... like toffee, really sweet. I use this 3 times a week and it leaves my skin smelling good enough to eat and very refreshed. It also seems to help with cellulite."
Ramsha (age 15) too is a fan of the Soap & Glory range. She loves using the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub (£7 for 300ml) which is "good at what it does, it keeps my legs flake free and smells really good!"

Emily (age 23) also loves the 'flake away' scrub. It "smells delish and leaves my skin feeling oh so smooth! It also moisturises so that I don't have to worry about my skin getting too dry." 
Gemma (age) Is another fan of Soap & Glory. She uses Pulp Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub (£8 for 250ml) It "smells amazing! It's my product of 2012!Will be using this on my wedding day!"

Helen (age 34) Loves the Elemis Tranquil Touch Body Polish (£21.50 for 150ml). She says the polish is "The best I have ever used. Leaves my skin so soft and really smooth."

A lot of products all rated highly! Some common choices amongst them too.

Laura (age 27) has yet to find a scrub that suits her and has that 'wow' factor. Hopefully this post has given her somewhere to start looking.

I hope you've all enjoyed taking part in this post and reading it. I know I've loved writing it! It's definitely given me some suggestions for my wish list.

Gem. x

What Are Your Favourite Face Scrubs?

Nothing makes my skin feel softer and smoother than a good old scrub! I've created a few posts on 'favourites' recently and just had to include Face Scrubs, after all, they play a very important part in any skin care routine.
I tend to use a scrub prior to a mask - after all, why waste the benefits of a good mask on dead skin when you can cut straight to the healthy stuff?! So, here are the responses I've gathered from some lovely ladies on facebook regarding some of their favourite scrub products ......
Tracey (aged 34) uses the Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator  (£10.50 for 100ml) on her oily skin. She feels the pros are that the product is "not too harsh but does the job quickly and easily. It's also not too expensive. I go through these quickly and so wouldn't buy expensive brands."   

Nicola (aged 28) with normal/combination skin prone to occasional breakouts uses Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It (£7.50 for 125ml). She loves "the tingly sensation and the fact that it is not too harsh." The product is also "dual purpose too as it can be used as a mask!" Nicola uses a scrub 1-2 times a week.
I've tried this one and can vouch for Nicola's comments - a great purse friendly multitasker!

Fi (aged 30) is another fan of this product. She comments on the "amazing fresh feeling once I've used it and it lasts throughout the day too". She's "noticed a real difference in (her combination) skin after a few weeks of using this."
Zara (aged 24) has combination skin. She uses a facial brush combined with Tesco Vitamin E Face Wash which she finds "the most effective way (as it) isn't harsh on my skin". (You can read Zara's blog here)
Sarah (aged 29) Has recently started using the St Ives Apricot Blemish Control Scrub (£3.99 for 150ml). She loves the product as "the grains are big enough to (provide) a deep clean but it's not harsh on your skin" after use she notes "it leaves my skin so smooth and it definitely gets everything out of the pores on my nose!"
Denise (aged 31) Loves the YSL Top Secrets Exfoliator (mentioned in previous post here) and the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (priced around £30 upwards for 75ml). The microfoliant "works well with my skin as it doesn't scratch it or leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable."
Lynne (aged 41) has combination skin which she finds a "curse and a blessing!" Her favourite scrub is again, the Dermalogica Microfoliant. Lynne finds that "no matter what I put on my skin afterwards, (it) always looks better!"
Gemma (aged) says her favourite is also the Dermalogica, it's "non harsh and feels like my skin has had a deep clean".
Laura (aged 27) has oily skin. She's also become a recent fan of the Dermalogica Microfoliant but tends not to use it every day. A scrub she's used for a long time is the Aapri Original Scrub Cream (£3.99 for 150ml). Laura finds that "it's really grainy so gets all the dead skin off with ease (without) feeling harsh on my skin." Cost is also a factor as she finds it does the same job as other high street versions with a heftier price tag.
Emily (aged 23) has combination skin. She uses Garnier Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash (priced around £4 upwards) twice a week. Her reason is "it's not too rough on my skin (not like sandpaper!) and the smell is lovely! Cleans right down in the pores!"
Helen (aged 34) also has combination skin. Her favourite face scrub is Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream (£24.50 for 50ml). Helen says this product is "not harsh but does a fab job at getting rid of dull skin and cleans out pores."

I've got a full size and sample size of this product and am sure I'll love it after Helen's glowing review.
So, there you have it. A vast array of products, all of varying prices and consistencies and all rated highly by the users.
Hopefully for those of you looking to try a new product, there's one listed for you.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I have writing it!


What Are Your Favourite Face Masks?

A big part of my skincare routine is regular use of face masks - not only do they help control excess oiliness, reduce pore size and keep my skin in great condition, but they also give me an excuse to pamper myself and relax in a hot bubbly bath! I'm always keen to hear from others about their favourite products, and, as with my previous post 'What Products Do You Use To Combat Oily Skin?' I've asked some fellow facebookers for their must-have products...

Here are the results.......

Annie (early 20s) has normal/oily skin. She rates the Lush Mask of Magnaminty (£8.75 for 315g) as her favoured product. "It's refreshing, smells yummy and the peppermint and spearmint break through any oily without stripping the skin and dry out any spots."
Nicola (aged 28) has normal/combination skin prone to occasional breakouts. Her 'go to' mask which she uses every 1-2 weeks is the Apivita Intense Hydration Mask with Cucumber and the reasons for this choice? Nicola states the product "Feels very gentle and nourishing. Smells fresh and leaves my skin soft and supple. I also love the packaging and it's great now they are stocked at M&S." (£3 for 2x8ml sachets).

Denise (aged 31) Has oily skin and quotes her favourite face mask as the Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask (£2.59 for 75ml), stating "it doesn't irritate my skin like a lot of mud masks I've tried and leaves my skin really clear."

Fi (age 30) names her favourite as the Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask (£10 for 100ml) "It's great. It goes on and dries and once it washes off, your skin feels so fresh and clean. It draws out impurities and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean." 

Laura (age 27) Uses a variety of masks and still likes to try new products in her search for "the one!". She's  also a fan of the Body Shop Blue corn mask "for years!" and has recently started to use the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask (£12 for 100ml) too, alternating between these and using them no more than once a week.
Sarah (aged 29) has oily skin and has also previously favoured the Ionic Seaweed Mask, using it 2-3 times a week and finding the clay mask "right for me".

Zara (aged 24) Has combination skin. She uses The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (£10 for 100ml) and finds that "it moisturises the dry skin and clears up the oily patches."

(I've actually got one of these in my stash I've not yet got around to trying out so might well put it in my 'next' pile! Thanks for the reminder Zara!)

Claire (aged 33) has oily/combination skin and doesn't have a particular favourite brand of mask, more a favoured type. She loves the cloth masks (any ones!) She finds that they are low cost and "feel fab."

Emily (aged 23) loves using "any" of the Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks "they come in little sachets and have always been my fave face masks. From peel off to wash off, olive oil to chocolate, there is a wide variety to always suit the mood i'm in!"

Lynne (aged 41) names the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (£30 for 50ml) as her preferred product. She said it makes "my skin feel amazing afterwards! And, I can use this withouth using an exfoliant as it does the job of that too when I'm being lazy. It smells amazing and makes my skin glow."

Tracey (aged 34) has oily skin. She also loves to use the Ren Mask and says "I love peel masks. It Dries quickly and peels off fully. My skin feels very refreshed afterwards. I use this one over others as I have very sensitive skin and I have no reaction to this mask."

Ramsha (aged 15) Has dehydrated skin and favours two mask products, one of which is again the  Ren Glycolactic Mask as it "deeply cleans my skin, leaving it renewed." And the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask (£20 for 100ml) which "is so easy to use, you just slap it on and let your skin do the work while your really helps keeping my dry skin nice and plump."

Gemma (aged) Doesn't use a regular face mask "I have a facial once a month" but she's used the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask (£14 for 75ml) and finds "this really does help with my blackheads!"

Helen (aged 34) Uses Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (£29.50 for 50ml) - "Nothing leaves my skin better than this divine mask. A little goes an awful long way. It's my weekly indulgent treat. It smells great and my skin glows afterwards." 

So, there you have it. A quick poll of products from a variety of skin types and ages. For those of you looking for a mask or unsure whether to take the plunge and try one of these, maybe it'll help you make the decision.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. It really has been a labour of love.... and now I need to make sure my credit card stays where it is as my blasted spending ban is stopping me spreeing!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What Products Do You Use To Combat Oily Skin?

Skincare is THE most important part of my beauty regime and whilst I'll often scrimp and forget to put on certain steps of my makeup - favouring the extra time in bed over looking my best I never, ever avoid looking after my skin.

Being 34 and with oily skin, it's difficult to find products that work with my skin and make it look it's best. I often get told I look a lot younger though, so must be doing something right! lol.
Staple aspects of my regime invlove regular exfoliation, using face masks (largely clay/mud based as these work best to draw out impurities) and of course, cleansing, toning and moisturising (for best results I always moisturise as soon as possible after cleansing and use my fingers to apply it in outward strokes on face / upwards on my neck).
Recently I've pulled away slightly from my usual routine - Clinique 3-Step - and started trying out new products, some of which are pictured above and some I've not yet started (Don't worry, I'll add some reviews as time goes on). Previously I'd made the mistake of trying a few different products in a short space of time, not giving my skin the time to adjust before deciding whether I liked it or not. From new year in, I'm actually finishing one product at a time to give me a real sense of the pros and cons which has helped make a more informed decision.
I've done a little research in a few of the facebook groups I'm a member of which include 'Beauty Box Swappers', 'Beauty Box Swaps' and 'Battle of the Boxes'.
Please note, I've asked everyone for permission before adding details to this post.

Question: Which product can't you be without in your skincare routine and why?

Katie (aged 31) A few months ago had noticed her skin becoming oily during the day, after a recommendation, she's been using Dr.Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream (priced £15.49 for 50ml) each day to combat this and has noticed that her skin now no longer gets oily. Katie's verdict: "I'll definitely be buying it again."

She tends to exfoliate around 2-3 times a week and curently uses the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (priced around £30 for 75g). Katie says this "makes my skin feel super soft", but the price tag puts her off repurchasing at present.

Loz (aged 27) Has "Oily skin but it still needs moisturising, something which most 'mattifying' day creams seem to forget". She's also a fan of the Nick Lowe day cream and has found it "lifechanging". It moisturises her skin without it "becoming an oilslick" and she even goes without primer now as a result of the positive effect the product has had.
(You can read Loz's blog here)

Claire (aged 33) Has found that the moisturiser that best suits her skin is the Biore Oil Free Shine Control Moisturiser which is sadly discontinued (don't worry, she's stocked up on it!). Claire finds that this product "goes on well, it's not greasy, it absorbs really well and skin feels great the next day".
(You can read Claire's blog here)
 Alison (aged 31) Tends to suffer "a greasy forehead but dry around the mouth". She loves DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (priced £21.50 for 200ml or £11 for 70ml) as "it seems to regulate the oil my face produces" and finds that after cleansing, "it doesn't leave that tight dry feeling" she's experienced using other cleansers.

Alison also loved the sample she received in a previous beauty box of Freeze 24/7 Ice Crystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish (priced around £35 for 70g). They made the skin on her face "feel amazing and the effect seemed to last". The cost has put her off purchasing the full size but she's now seriously contemplating splashing out!

 Ceris (aged 34) Has combination skin with open pores and favours a daily 'home made' approach which is definitely food for thought. Ceris states:
"I absolutely SWEAR by making a baking powder mix (not soda) with any cleanser that contains either glycolic or salycilic acid. I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. (priced at around £4.95 for 200ml)

The acid removes the dead skin plus the baking powder is a mild grain exfoliant which gets down in the pores and neutralises nasties.

Mix 4/5 pumps of the face wash with a desert spoon full of baking powder in your hand until it forms a paste. Wash your face for about a minute then rinse.
Your skin will feel smoother after the first go - and after about 2 weeks you should see a big difference."

As a treat, Ceris uses the Dr Braggi Intensive Treatment Mask (priced £10 per sachet) the benefits of which she finds as mainly "brightening and tightening - makes (my) skin look plumper." But a little too expensive for a weekly splurge.

Kristiana (aged 32) Has combination skin and "can't live without my Betty Hula Wonder Oil (priced at £15.99 for 50ml).

I put it on at night after cleansing and toning and give myself a little facial massage to work it in. It has got rid of spots, dry patches and makes my skin really silky."


 Sarah (aged 29) Uses Garnier Pure Deep Clean Foam Wash (priced around £2.95 for 200ml) and doesn't know where she'd be without it. It's completely changed her skin since using it, to the extent that she feels the oiliness is "almost non existant!".
(You can read Sarah's blog here

Lesley (aged 44) Currently uses Elemis Pro Marine Cream (priced at £79 for 50ml) and Elemis Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser (costing £29 for 150ml). Lesley says: "the cream really hydrates my skin without feeling greasy" and "the cleanser is the best I've used. Leaves my skin supersoft." Although she sometimes deviates from the range, she always finds herself going back to it.

Lucy (aged 28) Has oily/combination skin prone to breakouts. At present, she favours Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (costing £19.50 for 50.3ml)It's a lightweight moisturiser which "absorbs quickly and keeps my face moisturised without excess shine". Lucy's current cleanser is the Liz Earle Cleans & Polish (priced £14.25 for 100ml) "it's gentle on my skin, I try not to use anything that's too harsh."

Denise (aged 34) Has two must-have products to help control oily skin. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 (costing £16 for 200ml or £25 for 400ml) being the "main product that controls my oily skin and clears those annoying blackheads on my nose".

Her second product choice is YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator (priced £30.50 for 75ml) a "non abrasive gel exfoliator" which after use, leaves "me with clean smooth skin that feels unbelievable."

So, as you can see, you don't have to spend a fortune to find a product that works for your skin type. There's so much choice available out there, whatever your budget! The main thing is, you take the time to look after your skin, and look for a product that works for you.

I hope you've found this post of interest. I've really enjoyed writing it and just want to thank everyone who's taken part. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Review: Bare Minerals On The Spot Eye Makeup Remover Swabs

Before my spending ban kicked in, I came across a fab flash deal on the Bare Minerals website. I'd never purchased from this brand before so found it a perfect opportunity to try something from the brand. The deal? Buy any item to get a free double ended precision eyeshadow brush worth £24 with free delivery too! An amazing offer!
I scoured the site for the cheapest item I could find and would actually use (well, come on, there must be other bargain hunters out there that do the same!) and opted for The Spot Eye Makeup Remover Swabs at £4.

The handy sized plastic container holds 24 liquid filled cotton swabs you simply tilt and snap back to allow the cleansing liquid to flow into the cotton tip. Just wipe over your lids and lashes to remove eye makeup.
Last night I decided to try one out to see how effective it was. The only makeup I had on was mascara and a little eyeliner as I rarely put on a full face for work.
The swabs were super easy to use, and didn't cause any stinging or reaction during or after. They did remove some mascara without the need for rubbing, however I found them just too small to do a thorough job.
Having said this, they'll make a great handbag product. Ideal for occasions when you need to have a quick 'touch up' or to remove mistakes without having to remove makeup and start again so I know I'll get the use out of them.
They are also easy to carry and dispose of.
All in all I'm happy with the product, and am glad I made this selection. Especially as I'd only made the purchase for the amazing freebie!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review: Eve Lom Rescue Mask

You may have read some of my other posts and noticed I've got a self-confessed love of face/body scrubs and masks. 
Having had a recent clear out of my beauty stash I realised I had four of the sample sized Eve Lom Rescue Masks! I'd forgotten about ordering two via Latest in Beauty (A site where you can choose a small sample selection each month, or a larger limited edition collection of products with no ongoing commitment) and had also bought two from the lovely Louise (one of the girls over on facebook group 'Beauty Box Swappers').
With the weather being a bit lousy and feeling like I needed some tlc, I decided now would be a great time to start using them.
First up, the info off the website (linked above):

'......Featuring Camphor, Almond and Honey-infused Kaolin Clay, it is the perfect weekly deep clean to keep your complexion in radiant condition. Rescue Mask is also on hand when skin becomes stressed and in need of extra help. Whether it’s blotchy, irritable break-outs, jet-lag, or morning-after puffiness, this hard-working and versatile mask will get your skin back on track.'

'Deep cleanses without drying, gently decongests pores and absorbs excess oil
Smoothes and conditions skin surface, leaving it supple and soft
Helps calms redness and irritation
Instantly soothes puffy tired eyes and skin'

 The full sized, 50ml tube retails for a fairly pricey £35 so these smaller sizes are the perfect opportunity to try it out before splashing out on more. Having said this, it's marketed as a 'weekly complexion booster' and should therefore last ages, making the hit on the pocket a lot more palatable.

The info on the tube recommends shaking well before use. Make sure you do this or you'll notice a splurt of liquid before the product dispenses... waste not want not!
It's a soft clay mask - ideal for my oily skin. It also features  crushed almonds which give an added exfoliating property.
One of the first things I noticed was the smell of Camphor (also an ingredient in Vics Vapour Rub) which has that soothing quality.
You can leave this mask on for up to 20mins - perfect for the long soaks I love! When applied to the skin, it results in a pleasantly cooling, refreshing sensation. While it dried I could feel a tightening and lifting in my face.
The mask can be removed by gently rubbing upwards (maximising the exfoliating aspect) and then wiping clear with a damp muslin cloth. I didn't notice any dryness afterwards and my pores were visibly clearer - not a bad result for just one use!
This being the first time I've used any of the Eve Lom products I'm really impressed!
Update 12/02:

I've now  been using the mask for a few weeks and have to say it's amazing! My menstrual stage has been and gone and usually I have a horrid outbreak on my chin which takes over a week to calm. This time around I've had just a few small spots which dried and dissapeared within days and the oiliness of my skin has noticeably improved. My pores appear far less congested and noticeable too. Pretty impressive huh?

I've also swapped for another tube with a lovely lady (Alison) from the facebook group beauty box swappers and am keeping an avid eye on ebay ready to snap up a bargain buy!

Have any of you tried this product or others within the range? How did you find it?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review - Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

I love nothing more than spending time soaking in the tub with a good book, a cuppa (or two depending on whether I can persuade the other half to make it while I'm in there!) and a whole array of pamper products. My favourite of which are face scrubs and masks.
I'd never really thought of trying the fresh face masks in Lush previously. I don't really know why this was as I love the smell of the store and am always drawn to the shop whenever I'm near one (it's something I liken to to the appeal of the music to the children in the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'!)
Anyhow, I popped in there between christmas and new year and grabbed a few bargains in the sale. The store was quiet and while I was in there, I mentioned the face masks to the assistant.
I had wanted to try 'the sacred truth' as I'm nearing middle aged now and was slightly dissapointed it wasn't available. The assistant recommended trying 'cosmetic warrior' though, as I'd mentioned oil control, breakouts and open pores as a concern. I was a little worried when he mentioned garlic as one of the ingredients, but a sniff of the mask put my mind at ease. It didn't reek as you'd imagine it to and although you can detect the garlic and tea tree oil, it just smelt, well, fresh and natural.
The life span of the product is short, being a fresh mask but this does actually work in it's favour in a few ways - a) you don't get that feeling when you slather on a thick layer and think 'it won't last if I use too much so I'd better be conservative', and b) repeat business - you need to revisit the store again sooner rather than later to stock up again.
It retails at £5.95 for 75g and needs to be kept in the fridge to preserve it. It does look a little strange stored next to my lettuce and potatoes but unlike the choccy desserts I've also got in there, a visit to the fridge for this treat has no guilt attached!
As a bonus if you save 5 clean pots or tubes, you can get a free fresh mask in future - worth keeping in mind, especially if you want to try one you've not had before.
The mask is easy to smooth and spread over the skin without any dragging or catching. Leaving it in place for 5-10 mins you feel it dry slightly but without any adverse reactions ie stinging/burning.


It's easy to rinse off without the need for scrubbing or peeling and leaves my skin feeling taught, refreshed and refined.

I've loved using it and will definitely purchase it again in the future. I'll probably still try 'the sacred truth' too and compare the two.

Have you tried any of the Fresh Masks? What do you think of them?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: My Favourite Clinique Chubby Sticks

You may have read a few of my posts and noticed I'm a fan of glosses over lipsticks. One of my favourite ranges is the Clinique Chubby Stick which I've used for the past few years now.
You can view info on the standard range here, and the Intense range here. The RRP is £16. (But keep an eye out - they now retail on a number of sites/outlets and you can often get the mini version as part of a GWP)
Here's the blurb from the Clinique site:
'Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is a lip treatment with sheer colour that relieves dry, cracked lips and provides immediate moisturisation. The unique pencil-style applicator provides easy to apply sheer soft lip colour and rolls up for ease of use.'
I thought I'd share a quick post on the four I have in my collection: Mighty Mimosa, Super Strawberry, Chunky Cherry and Mega Melon.
These are some of the lighter shades available - mainly as I tend to wear heavy eye makeup and therefore look for a subtler lip shade.
I love the fact that they are designed to mimic a crayon!
They are easy to twist up and down and the shaping on the product is great for precision application - no need to get your fingers stuck into a pot and end up with wasted product stuck under your nails!

They also leave no nasty staining on your lips when you decide to remove it.
Here are a few pics of the product on my lips to give you an idea of the shade variation:
Mighty Mimosa

Super Strawberry
Chunky Cherry

and Mega Melon


I love the fact I can pop one into my bag and apply it quickly and easily, confident that the colour won't bleed outside my natural lip line and that it'll keep my lips moisturised too. I can't wait to try another of them, and with the additional shades available, I'm spoilt for choice!
I've now become the proud owner of another shade - 'curvy candy':
A lovely girly shade of pink - perfect for a summer pout!
What do you think ladies?
Are you a fan of the chubby sticks too?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Review: Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss

I recently checked my online account with Clarins and realised I'd amassed enough loyalty points to give me a £15 credit code. I've been using the Wonderperfect Mascara for quite some time now and love the effect it gives so couldn't wait to choose another item from the range.

Now, I'm a huge fan of lip glosses/butters and can never have too many of these on hand. I do, however, tend to stick with a nude colour. Seeing as this would be near enough a freebie, I decided to opt for a gloss, but this time, to try a different shade.

The Clarins website states that Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss is:

"A new generation gloss combining incredible shine, intense colour and lasting hold.
Its highly smoothing, gel-like texture which is non-sticky and shapes lips, coats them in a veil of softness and comfort......enjoy their delicious flavour with notes of blackcurrant and liquorice."
Currently retailing at £15.50, you can view product details (here). It's available in 7 shades: Chocolate, Nude, Raspberry, Grenadine, Candy, Blackberry and Papaya. Having popped the Nude in and out of the basket (Yep, I'm one of those indecisive types when it comes to making my mind up!)  I finally chose Candy.

The clear glass tube means you get to see the pigmentation of the product straight away - light reflecting specks within the gloss give that added shine. As soon as I opened the lid I could smell the delicious flavour....oooops, I mean fragrance ..... Mmmmmmmm!
Here's a pic of the gloss working it's magic ...

The colour is lovely - not too bright, and as you can see it has a great shine without looking too wet or sticky. Even though I'm a lip-licker when it comes to gloss, this product stayed put for a long time before needing a touch-up. It didn't feel too heavy either.
The shaping on the lid means you get a good grip on the brush when applying, this, coupled with the flexibility on the wand really make for a precision application every time.
I had a quick look on the website again just prior to christmas to find Clarins were offering free postage and three samples with any order placed. Enough to tempt me into bagging another shade - this time 'grenadine' (pictured below on the right hand side).
It really is worth having a nose at the websites from time to time and signing up to emails too. Grabbing a bargain buy, especially one including additional product samples is not only a good way at keeping costs down, but it gives you a chance to try out other products you may not have had an opportunity for otherwise.

I ordered another - this time in Grenadine (pictured below on the right).
This shade is a lot brighter and more daring when applied. It'll look great for a night out and really accentuate my mouth. No pic yet but will see what I can do asap.
So, overall, this gloss is one I'd certainly recommend trying. Have you tried this gloss? If so, what do you think?

Much love,