Saturday, 26 January 2013

What Products Do You Use To Combat Oily Skin?

Skincare is THE most important part of my beauty regime and whilst I'll often scrimp and forget to put on certain steps of my makeup - favouring the extra time in bed over looking my best I never, ever avoid looking after my skin.

Being 34 and with oily skin, it's difficult to find products that work with my skin and make it look it's best. I often get told I look a lot younger though, so must be doing something right! lol.
Staple aspects of my regime invlove regular exfoliation, using face masks (largely clay/mud based as these work best to draw out impurities) and of course, cleansing, toning and moisturising (for best results I always moisturise as soon as possible after cleansing and use my fingers to apply it in outward strokes on face / upwards on my neck).
Recently I've pulled away slightly from my usual routine - Clinique 3-Step - and started trying out new products, some of which are pictured above and some I've not yet started (Don't worry, I'll add some reviews as time goes on). Previously I'd made the mistake of trying a few different products in a short space of time, not giving my skin the time to adjust before deciding whether I liked it or not. From new year in, I'm actually finishing one product at a time to give me a real sense of the pros and cons which has helped make a more informed decision.
I've done a little research in a few of the facebook groups I'm a member of which include 'Beauty Box Swappers', 'Beauty Box Swaps' and 'Battle of the Boxes'.
Please note, I've asked everyone for permission before adding details to this post.

Question: Which product can't you be without in your skincare routine and why?

Katie (aged 31) A few months ago had noticed her skin becoming oily during the day, after a recommendation, she's been using Dr.Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream (priced £15.49 for 50ml) each day to combat this and has noticed that her skin now no longer gets oily. Katie's verdict: "I'll definitely be buying it again."

She tends to exfoliate around 2-3 times a week and curently uses the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (priced around £30 for 75g). Katie says this "makes my skin feel super soft", but the price tag puts her off repurchasing at present.

Loz (aged 27) Has "Oily skin but it still needs moisturising, something which most 'mattifying' day creams seem to forget". She's also a fan of the Nick Lowe day cream and has found it "lifechanging". It moisturises her skin without it "becoming an oilslick" and she even goes without primer now as a result of the positive effect the product has had.
(You can read Loz's blog here)

Claire (aged 33) Has found that the moisturiser that best suits her skin is the Biore Oil Free Shine Control Moisturiser which is sadly discontinued (don't worry, she's stocked up on it!). Claire finds that this product "goes on well, it's not greasy, it absorbs really well and skin feels great the next day".
(You can read Claire's blog here)
 Alison (aged 31) Tends to suffer "a greasy forehead but dry around the mouth". She loves DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (priced £21.50 for 200ml or £11 for 70ml) as "it seems to regulate the oil my face produces" and finds that after cleansing, "it doesn't leave that tight dry feeling" she's experienced using other cleansers.

Alison also loved the sample she received in a previous beauty box of Freeze 24/7 Ice Crystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish (priced around £35 for 70g). They made the skin on her face "feel amazing and the effect seemed to last". The cost has put her off purchasing the full size but she's now seriously contemplating splashing out!

 Ceris (aged 34) Has combination skin with open pores and favours a daily 'home made' approach which is definitely food for thought. Ceris states:
"I absolutely SWEAR by making a baking powder mix (not soda) with any cleanser that contains either glycolic or salycilic acid. I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. (priced at around £4.95 for 200ml)

The acid removes the dead skin plus the baking powder is a mild grain exfoliant which gets down in the pores and neutralises nasties.

Mix 4/5 pumps of the face wash with a desert spoon full of baking powder in your hand until it forms a paste. Wash your face for about a minute then rinse.
Your skin will feel smoother after the first go - and after about 2 weeks you should see a big difference."

As a treat, Ceris uses the Dr Braggi Intensive Treatment Mask (priced £10 per sachet) the benefits of which she finds as mainly "brightening and tightening - makes (my) skin look plumper." But a little too expensive for a weekly splurge.

Kristiana (aged 32) Has combination skin and "can't live without my Betty Hula Wonder Oil (priced at £15.99 for 50ml).

I put it on at night after cleansing and toning and give myself a little facial massage to work it in. It has got rid of spots, dry patches and makes my skin really silky."


 Sarah (aged 29) Uses Garnier Pure Deep Clean Foam Wash (priced around £2.95 for 200ml) and doesn't know where she'd be without it. It's completely changed her skin since using it, to the extent that she feels the oiliness is "almost non existant!".
(You can read Sarah's blog here

Lesley (aged 44) Currently uses Elemis Pro Marine Cream (priced at £79 for 50ml) and Elemis Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser (costing £29 for 150ml). Lesley says: "the cream really hydrates my skin without feeling greasy" and "the cleanser is the best I've used. Leaves my skin supersoft." Although she sometimes deviates from the range, she always finds herself going back to it.

Lucy (aged 28) Has oily/combination skin prone to breakouts. At present, she favours Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (costing £19.50 for 50.3ml)It's a lightweight moisturiser which "absorbs quickly and keeps my face moisturised without excess shine". Lucy's current cleanser is the Liz Earle Cleans & Polish (priced £14.25 for 100ml) "it's gentle on my skin, I try not to use anything that's too harsh."

Denise (aged 34) Has two must-have products to help control oily skin. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 (costing £16 for 200ml or £25 for 400ml) being the "main product that controls my oily skin and clears those annoying blackheads on my nose".

Her second product choice is YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator (priced £30.50 for 75ml) a "non abrasive gel exfoliator" which after use, leaves "me with clean smooth skin that feels unbelievable."

So, as you can see, you don't have to spend a fortune to find a product that works for your skin type. There's so much choice available out there, whatever your budget! The main thing is, you take the time to look after your skin, and look for a product that works for you.

I hope you've found this post of interest. I've really enjoyed writing it and just want to thank everyone who's taken part. 


  1. I have combination skin and it is a right pain and something my mother doesn't seem to understand. I will get spots around my forehead and chin and has always been the same. I have really open pores aswell and i find i get a lot of blackhead on my nose....(which i do enjoy taking out with stripes when i can afford them haha)

    1. I've reviewed a few masks on here that do wonders for clearing pores. x

    2. I will have a look! They drive me mad....i always think my nose would be a size smaller if i could get all the gunk out (tmi i know haha)

  2. Great post Gemma!! Really imformative!! :) Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of it! ;0) x x

    1. Your welcome hon! Anything that gives us an idea on products to use is a bonus. Lets win this fight against sebum! lol.

  3. I love Nick Lowe, one of my fave beauty box finds.

  4. Great post hun!
    ive got a few Dr Nick Lowe's moisturisers in my drawer so after my beloved Biore is gone, ill be trying that one, thank you for the information!!
    Its interesting to read that most women find that moisturiser is one of the paramount items and specific makes,
    I use facial wipes (atm Waitrose) as i feel all generally the same, but the moisturiser is what makes a complete difference!
    Thanks for a great post Gemma! :)

  5. Great post Gemma, so interesting to read the point of view on so many products off different people.
    Angela x

    1. Definitely gives an idea of different product types to try. x

  6. great infos you got here!
    my skin is oily skin and sometimes the product which is over the top for the price tag aren't worth it..

    1. Thanks Mizu! I've really enjoyed doing it and have a few similar posts in progress atm too. x

  7. Great post! I really find that Liz Earle, Nick Lowe and LUSH face masks really help with my oily/combo skin and keep it in check x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thanks hon! I've tried the lush cosmetic warrior recently (reviewed too) but not the others. Definitely worth considering as anything that helps the fight is worth a try! x