Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Are Your Favourite Body Scrubs?

I absolutely LOVE a long soak in a hot tub, or a short sharp blast under the showerhead. What makes it even more enjoyable though, is using a favoured skin scrub! A couple of my own favourites are:
Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream (£20 for 250ml) - I love the way it feels like a burst of freshness on my skin and sloughs off all the dead cells leaving me feeling energised and alive!
L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub (£27 for 400g) - This one is a course scrub but full of lemony scented oily goodness. It leaves my skin with a healthy glow and  with a soft smooth moisturising sheen afterwards.
The more pocket friendly ones I use most often are from Marshmallow Blends (£4.99 a pot). The creme brulee and caramel cupcake smell lovely, have a good small grain consistency and melt away.
But, enough about me... onto the girls off Facebook's favourites (I've gathered this info, with permission, through a number of groups I'm a member of).
 Claire (aged 33) LOVES body scrubs and always uses a shower scrunchie to maximise the effect. She has two favourites: Sanctuary Salt Scrub (£11.50 for 650g) and Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub (around £11.95 for 300ml) both of which she describes simply as "just so so nice!!" Claire loves the "heavenly" scent on these products and finds that they leave her skin feeling the "type of really clean that you just can't get from a normal shower gel"

Zara (age 24) Rates The Body Shop African Ximenia & Salt Scrub (£15 for 350ml) as her favourite. Her reason - "it works, smells good, and is a huge pot for the price!" (You can read Zara's blog here)
Tracey (age 34) loves using the Sanctuary Body Scrub (£5.50 for 200ml) which "leaves skin silky smooth and smells lovely".

Nicola (age 28) also names a product from The Body Shop as one of her favourites - The Brazil Nut Scrub (not currently available but the range of scrubs retail at £12.50 upwards for 200ml). She gives her reasons as because "it smells yummy, has brazil nut kernels which exfoliate but it's also thick and creamy so feels very indulgent".

Steph names her favourite indulgent scrub treat as being the Neom Real Luxury: Organic Body Scrub (£32 for 332g) saying that the product is 'so luxurious and smells amazing'.
Lynne (age 41) claims Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish (sadly not available in UK) to be her favourite skin scrub. She states "OMG - I have yet to find a scrub that is such a pleasure to use! It smells delicious and my skin feels amazing afterwards!"

Sarah (age 29) Rates the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8 for 300ml) as one of her favourites. The product is "Amazeballs!...smells like I want to eat it!" and it "leaves my skin so smooth afterwards as well as being easy to use too"

Denise (age 31) has two top scrubs: Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub (£9.50 for 300ml) and the L'Oreal Paris Exfotonic Skin Revealing Exfoliator (costing around £8 for 200ml). She states that "both of these scrubs really get rid of all dry patches and don't leave a greasy residue."

Fi (age 30) is another fan of the Breakfast Scrub. "this smells amazing. Hard to explain but ... like toffee, really sweet. I use this 3 times a week and it leaves my skin smelling good enough to eat and very refreshed. It also seems to help with cellulite."
Ramsha (age 15) too is a fan of the Soap & Glory range. She loves using the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub (£7 for 300ml) which is "good at what it does, it keeps my legs flake free and smells really good!"

Emily (age 23) also loves the 'flake away' scrub. It "smells delish and leaves my skin feeling oh so smooth! It also moisturises so that I don't have to worry about my skin getting too dry." 
Gemma (age) Is another fan of Soap & Glory. She uses Pulp Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub (£8 for 250ml) It "smells amazing! It's my product of 2012!Will be using this on my wedding day!"

Helen (age 34) Loves the Elemis Tranquil Touch Body Polish (£21.50 for 150ml). She says the polish is "The best I have ever used. Leaves my skin so soft and really smooth."

A lot of products all rated highly! Some common choices amongst them too.

Laura (age 27) has yet to find a scrub that suits her and has that 'wow' factor. Hopefully this post has given her somewhere to start looking.

I hope you've all enjoyed taking part in this post and reading it. I know I've loved writing it! It's definitely given me some suggestions for my wish list.

Gem. x


  1. Emma Hardie body scrub is amazing! It smells just like the balm cleanser. I also love Elemis Tranquil Touch Body Polish x

  2. brilliant post again Gemma.
    Makses me want to run out and try some more!!! which like you i cant as on the spending ban!!!!
    But definetly some names and products to make a note of,
    thanks again pet!