Thursday, 27 June 2013

Secret Beauty Junkies.... Freebie Challenge!

Over the past couple of months I've been participating in a fantastic challenge through a facebook group I'm a member of.... Secret Beauty Junkies! 
'What did the challenge involve?' I hear you ask. Good question. The aim was to gather as many items as possible for free, which you would then send to a designated person (I was paired with the lovely Debra). The items had to be new and not paid for using money (cash/card etc) but the rest was down to the 'freebie finder'.
I used a number of methods to gather goodies for Debra: 3 for 2 purchases where the free gift was passed on, loyalty points (Superdrug, Boots, Shopcade), GWP items, Magazine freebies, Sample giveaways, Prize wins, gift items I'd received but wouldn't make use of myself, Clubcard coupons, In store money off vouchers ie tea bags (I had a 50p off voucher for Twinings I'd used to purchase some individually wrapped bags - worked out 50p worth and popped these aside for the swap box), Complimentary Hotel minis...... you get the drift huh?
It's been a pretty insightful experience - there really is so much you can get for free when setting your mind to it. I've always loved sourcing a bargain (you may have noticed this from a few other posts) and love getting something for nothing. The main difference this time being the freebies were for someone else.
Here are a few pics of the items I received from Debra just yesterday....
So many gorgeous goodies - far too many to list! From sample sachets of skincare and makeup, cosmetics, toothpastes, coupons, tea and coffee, bubble bath, a waxing kit, a bracelet, and a Yankee Candle wax tart to some lovely pet food pouches for my gorgeous cat Shange!
Debra and I messaged each other a few times both before and during the collection period to try to make sure the items sent would be suitable and enjoyed.
I was so happy to receive my side of the swap and am sure I'll use all of the items, in fact, I've already used some of the tea bags and bubble bath!! Shange was thrilled with her Gourmet pouch (she'd previously only eaten Felix and most recently Whiskas) and may have chosen a new favourite... bizarrely my OH has decided that the little gold fork that came with it is now his - he wants it for his olives and pickled onions so there'll even be some recycling going on!
Of the swaps I've seen taking place through the group, everyone who participated has enjoyed. The variety of products gathered has been immense and stands testiment to how a little research, bargain spotting and sometimes, a cheeky request can prove fruitful and rewarding.
I can't wait to do it all again!
Have any of you completed a similar challenge?
Would you do it again?


  1. Fab post Gemma! It was a pleasure to swap with you :) Is Shopcade worth the hassle btw? I've never bothered with it as I hear so many complaints.

  2. HIya! You got a great box there hun! You know i did the same challenge and it was so HARD!! When i signed up for it i didnt think it was going to be that hard! but the girls did great!!
    if you ever fancy just a normal beauty box swap, be sure to wing me a pm - i love em!!