Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Review: Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss

I recently checked my online account with Clarins and realised I'd amassed enough loyalty points to give me a £15 credit code. I've been using the Wonderperfect Mascara for quite some time now and love the effect it gives so couldn't wait to choose another item from the range.

Now, I'm a huge fan of lip glosses/butters and can never have too many of these on hand. I do, however, tend to stick with a nude colour. Seeing as this would be near enough a freebie, I decided to opt for a gloss, but this time, to try a different shade.

The Clarins website states that Gloss Prodige Lip Gloss is:

"A new generation gloss combining incredible shine, intense colour and lasting hold.
Its highly smoothing, gel-like texture which is non-sticky and shapes lips, coats them in a veil of softness and comfort......enjoy their delicious flavour with notes of blackcurrant and liquorice."
Currently retailing at £15.50, you can view product details (here). It's available in 7 shades: Chocolate, Nude, Raspberry, Grenadine, Candy, Blackberry and Papaya. Having popped the Nude in and out of the basket (Yep, I'm one of those indecisive types when it comes to making my mind up!)  I finally chose Candy.

The clear glass tube means you get to see the pigmentation of the product straight away - light reflecting specks within the gloss give that added shine. As soon as I opened the lid I could smell the delicious flavour....oooops, I mean fragrance ..... Mmmmmmmm!
Here's a pic of the gloss working it's magic ...

The colour is lovely - not too bright, and as you can see it has a great shine without looking too wet or sticky. Even though I'm a lip-licker when it comes to gloss, this product stayed put for a long time before needing a touch-up. It didn't feel too heavy either.
The shaping on the lid means you get a good grip on the brush when applying, this, coupled with the flexibility on the wand really make for a precision application every time.
I had a quick look on the website again just prior to christmas to find Clarins were offering free postage and three samples with any order placed. Enough to tempt me into bagging another shade - this time 'grenadine' (pictured below on the right hand side).
It really is worth having a nose at the websites from time to time and signing up to emails too. Grabbing a bargain buy, especially one including additional product samples is not only a good way at keeping costs down, but it gives you a chance to try out other products you may not have had an opportunity for otherwise.

I ordered another - this time in Grenadine (pictured below on the right).
This shade is a lot brighter and more daring when applied. It'll look great for a night out and really accentuate my mouth. No pic yet but will see what I can do asap.
So, overall, this gloss is one I'd certainly recommend trying. Have you tried this gloss? If so, what do you think?

Much love,



  1. mmmmm you make it sound delicious. Funnily enough I haven't used Clarins make up, just skin care, but I will definitely keep an eye open for offers so I can try the lip glosses xx

    1. It really does taste yummy! And the colour is an added bonus too! lol