Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review - Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

I love nothing more than spending time soaking in the tub with a good book, a cuppa (or two depending on whether I can persuade the other half to make it while I'm in there!) and a whole array of pamper products. My favourite of which are face scrubs and masks.
I'd never really thought of trying the fresh face masks in Lush previously. I don't really know why this was as I love the smell of the store and am always drawn to the shop whenever I'm near one (it's something I liken to to the appeal of the music to the children in the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'!)
Anyhow, I popped in there between christmas and new year and grabbed a few bargains in the sale. The store was quiet and while I was in there, I mentioned the face masks to the assistant.
I had wanted to try 'the sacred truth' as I'm nearing middle aged now and was slightly dissapointed it wasn't available. The assistant recommended trying 'cosmetic warrior' though, as I'd mentioned oil control, breakouts and open pores as a concern. I was a little worried when he mentioned garlic as one of the ingredients, but a sniff of the mask put my mind at ease. It didn't reek as you'd imagine it to and although you can detect the garlic and tea tree oil, it just smelt, well, fresh and natural.
The life span of the product is short, being a fresh mask but this does actually work in it's favour in a few ways - a) you don't get that feeling when you slather on a thick layer and think 'it won't last if I use too much so I'd better be conservative', and b) repeat business - you need to revisit the store again sooner rather than later to stock up again.
It retails at £5.95 for 75g and needs to be kept in the fridge to preserve it. It does look a little strange stored next to my lettuce and potatoes but unlike the choccy desserts I've also got in there, a visit to the fridge for this treat has no guilt attached!
As a bonus if you save 5 clean pots or tubes, you can get a free fresh mask in future - worth keeping in mind, especially if you want to try one you've not had before.
The mask is easy to smooth and spread over the skin without any dragging or catching. Leaving it in place for 5-10 mins you feel it dry slightly but without any adverse reactions ie stinging/burning.


It's easy to rinse off without the need for scrubbing or peeling and leaves my skin feeling taught, refreshed and refined.

I've loved using it and will definitely purchase it again in the future. I'll probably still try 'the sacred truth' too and compare the two.

Have you tried any of the Fresh Masks? What do you think of them?


  1. Oh I think I would like to try a Lush face pack. Next time I'm near one I will definitely buy one of these x

    1. I've honestly loved using it. Once I've used up what's in my stash already, it'll be on my shopping list. x

  2. Even though you're on a spending ban can't you still buy things you run out of? Whenever I pass Lush I have to go in but I am so sick as I only have a shower in my flat and would love to try all their bath bombs. Hmmmm just remembered I will be staying at my Mums a few times over the next three weeks, while my sister is on holiday, so may have to get a couple to use in her bath :) xx

    1. It's certainly tempting, but I've got loads (understatement!) of other masks I need to use first. It'll be on my list for future tho. I LOVE my bath and don't know what I'd do without it! Make the most of it and pamper yourself like crazy! :-)

  3. Oh I love Lush facemasks, they are so lovely xx