Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Year Spending Ban - Update

It's now been over a month since I stopped spending money I could ill afford on needless items and started to focus on saving instead. I'm overjoyed to say that since this time, I've made over £700 in sales both on ebay and via facebook. In addition, I've saved ££££s through avoiding offers on products I may well want, but definitely don't currently need.
Popping £1 in a jar each time I used up a product seemed (in theory) an excellent idea. However it was far too easy to dip into it for bread/milk/petrol/postage so I've opted for a longer term solution and popped the cash into my ceramic saving pot instead. As a result, I've no idea how much has gone in there but will keep on dropping the coins in - It'll come in as a nice treat next year. Who knows, maybe even my third trip to Paris!
I've spent just a small amount on products I genuinely needed to replace - mascara (my Clarins Wonderperfect had seen it's best days long ago) and skincare and thought I'd include these in this post, after all, I've nothing to hide and a whole lot to be proud of since making what at the time seemed to be a hard decision.
I'd had an email from Lancome  (it's worth signing up to them as now and again you get some great offers - only to be used when needed though) whereby for 24 hrs only, you could get a fab free trio with any order made.
This same trio is available free with orders over £50 using code FEBTREAT until 28.02 while stocks last.
After a little browsing, I opted for the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara set (RRP £21) which contains a full size mascara (sold seperately for £22!) and deluxe sample sized Bi-Facial and Khol Pencil.
I'd also added the Baume In Love lip balm (RRP £20) to the order - it sounds so similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks which I love (read my review on those here). This meant I'd get free postage and a choice of a further two sample products. I chose a La Vie Est Belle EDP mini and 2ml Hypnose Mascara.
Unfortunately the Baume in Love was out of stock. Fortunately, I still got free delivery and all my samples! A great deal for just £21.
My skincare bargain came courtesy of Ebay. For just £1.25 and postage I got this lovely selection of skincare minis: Clarins Day Cream x2, Exfoliating Refiner and Bi-Serum, Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme sachets x2 and L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation.
I'm hoping to continue the current trend as long as I have products to use up. For the things I need to replace I'll carry on searching out the best deal and to keep my thirst for trying new things sustained, I'm entering competitions and giveaways whenever I stumble across them.
I hope all the other ladies and gents who are also on a spending ban/restriction are doing as well too, and that those that aren't still enjoy sharing my journey.
UPDATE - I've literally just finished a blog sale page (UK only I'm afraid). Here's a link for those interested....  

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x Gem


  1. I'm so inspired by this - Keep up the great work!

  2. This post just made me second guess all my ebay purchases I've made today. Granted I am paying for them with money I am earning from ebay so not spending as such but still second guessing all the same.

    Well done

    Jen @

    1. Thanks hon. It's well worth trying even if just for a short time. Helps take stock of what you've got and saves £££s too. x

  3. That is fantastic how much you've made! I need to get more ruthless with my stash x

  4. Wow, £700!! well done Gemma. As i am always broke these days I don't shop much, and only real bargains so not much point me doing a spending ban, although if i did one on cake and chocolate i would probably save a bomb lol You did really well with your £1.25 sample purchase from ebay too, I never see good stuff like that when I go on. My biggest saving, well is suppose you can call it a saving, is that i have bought quite a lot of this years Christmas presents in teh sales. I have several perfume an daftershave sets that I paid a lot less than half for, and quite a few bargains on toys, so I am happy with that. good luck on the rest of your spending ban hon
    Angela x

    1. I always stock up on the perfume gifts in xmas sales - they don't go past their best and are easy to store in a wardrobe/cupboard - that way I've got all the prezzies for birthdays sorted throughout the year for a fraction of the price. I got loads from Clubcard deals too as I save these all year ready for xmas. (seperate post on my blog about these). x

    2. In the past two weeks I have also managed to get quite a few nice toys at low prices from links on hotukdeals, not as easy to store as perfume though lol I use my nectar card at Christmas suually for a big food shop, and I do online surveys when I am upall night with my spine and just had a few £10 gift vouchers for amazon and sainsbury's from them, there are lots of ways for us to save, make a bit of money online isn't there? just a shame we see so many great deals in our group pages, ones that are too good to miss :) x

  5. Wow £700!!! Go you... that is really quite impressive xx

  6. Great post- and well done you for all that saving and money-making! I will be signing up to the Lancome emails now- what a fab offer that is!! Love that mascara too!
    Rosy x

    1. Thanks hon. Clarins wonderperfect is a great mascara too, plus they do sample sizes with every order and loyalty points too -

  7. Well done!! I've been thinking of doing some kind of spending ban... As I always get drawn in to buy things I dont actually need too :)...

    Such a great post.. I look forward to reading more :)

    Siobhan xxx