Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review: Tropical Waters Bath Bomb from Marshmallow Blends

I've written a couple of reviews on products I've purchased from Nicoletta at Marshmallow Blends previously and am so happy to've discovered the brand. Nicoletta makes all of her products at home by hand and is constantly thinking up new and exciting things to make for all pamper-lovers out there!
As part of my most recent order I purchased a few of the Tub Treats - one of which was the Tropical Waters Bath Bomb priced at £2.75 and described as 'a holiday in the bath tub (which) transforms your water to a tropical retreat, with crystal blue waters and a fragrant burst of passionfruit and coconut.'
This beautiful blue bath bomb arrived wrapped in selophane with a lovely little tag tied by ribbon. I could smell the coconut scent as soon as the box arrived and couldn't wait to jump in the tub. I split this into two as it was a generous size, meaning not one, but two trips to paradise ... plus it left the bathroom scented in the mean time too.
It wizzed around the tub and didn't leave any powdery bits behind. It turned the water a beautiful and clear shade of blue, leaving it feeling soft and smelling divine.
This one is definitely on my list to repurchase!


  1. This sounds divine xx

  2. Thankyou for a lovely review Gemma xx