Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Guam Algascrub Exfoliating Scrub

'Another scrub' I hear you cry... ah, but this one is amazing! I'd actually forgotten buying it and at £5 for 75g, the Guam AlgaScrub sachet wasn't cheap. The deciding factor was a great offer on at Bath and Unwind late last year. With any two Guam purchases you'd get the Guam Dren Butter Scrub (£24.95 for 200ml) absolutely free! Of course, being a sucker for a good deal, I immediately bought two of them.
This scrub is marketed on the site as:
'An energising natural mixture of Guam algae, sea salt and premium oils. It's exfoliating, strengthening, toning and revitalising, leaving your skin feeling like silk.'
What did I think?
The picture below shows the contents of one sachet...
A generous amount which easily covers the whole body. The product holds together well and feels wonderfully decadent and luxurious. The essential oils make it easy to apply and work over your skin whilst having the added benefit of smelling beautifully.
The texture is just the right consistency - there's nothing worse than a scrub which doesn't have enough abrasiveness to do the job it promises - this one is fantastic and more than meets expectations.
Whilst working it into the skin you get a cooling, envigorating and refreshing sensation. Once rinsed, the essential oils leave a smooth, silky (not greasy) quality which soaks in slowly and leaves you feeling supple and energised.
The sachet sizes are no longer available and the large, full-sized 700ml jar retails at £38.95 - a rather hefty price tag but for a product this amazing, it's well worth raiding the savings jar for. This scrub is definitely my new favourite scrub... for now!
I've not yet tried the Dren Butter but am looking forward to reviewing it asap.
Have any of you tried this product too? What are your thoughts?
Much love

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