Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunny Days at Aberavon Beach

This weekend when temperatures have soared, me and the OH decided to spend some time on the beach. We're so lucky to live on the coast and although in many respects, our town lacks charm and finesse, the beach is rapidly becoming one of the best in the area.
With miles of promenade, a pier, play areas, a cafe, a new gelato shop, and landscaped gardens, it has something for everyone.
It's been a wonderful weekend which has seen us reminiscing about our childhoods on the sand, enjoying the early morning peace and tranquility as well as beating the crowds for a sought-after spot.
Here are some pics I've taken over the last few days:
The footprints in the sand are all mine - first ones on the beach on friday morning. Just as the tide was coming in.
Two ladies helped each other down the steps onto the sand to enjoy a paddle in the waves. It was really touching to see them supporting each other and taking their time to enjoy the early morning tranquility.

There's nothing like the warm sand between your toes to put a smile on your face!
Dredging the sand to remove left over packets and bottles.
Cafe Remos
A deluxe hot chocolate - marshmallows, cream and a flake.... mmmm!!!
And here's the OH popping our tent up for today's session in the sun.
A godsend as we've spent over 7 hrs on the sand today. It's helped to keep our drinks cool and proved a respite from the unforgiving sun! I wish I'd taken some shots of the crowds later in the day but sunbathing and splashing in the sea was priority (hee hee).
I've truely had an amazing weekend and am so thankful to have such beauty on our doorstep.

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