Saturday, 23 March 2013

Review: Rodial Glam Balm Lip

Stella Magazine ran a beauty giveaway late last year - 14,000 products in 14 days! I was lucky enough to win a Glam Balm Lip by Rodial rrp £19.
'a rose flavoured and scented special formula lip balm designed to plump and fill the lip area, while repairing dry and chapped lips. Glam balm LIP contains Filling Spheres to inject volume, plump lips, fill fine lines and smooth imperfections for a flawless appearance. Rose Wax and Shea Butter nourish and soothe chapped lips, while Vitamin E protects against environmental damage.'
I hadn't started using the balm (ok, in truth, it was in a drawer and I forgot I had it!) but, with the ever changing weather we've experienced this past few months, my poor mouth has certainly felt the wrath of the drop in temperature. I've had chapped, sore lips for a few days and decided that there was no better time to bring out the big guns and lavish them with a luxury balm than now.
So, after using it at work (where the air conditioning also doesn't help) for around a week, what are my thoughts?
The tub: It's wide enough so you can get the balm onto your finger tip and not all underneath your nails - something I often find extremely annoying as it results in a lot of lost product, and one I'm glad to avoid with this one, being a more expensive balm. It also has a highly reflective screw top lid which doubles as a pretty effective mirror too - an added benefit when you want a quick, precision application.

The scent: It's quite a subtle rose scent. Not overpowering or at all unpleasant.

The product: It glides onto your lips and isn't sticky or tacky. I found it heavy enough to stay put, even with a bit of the old lip-licking us girlies tend to do - I know I'm not the only guilty party when it comes to this!

I found it moisturising and soothing - the chapping and soreness was gone within a day. I also felt that the balm evened the colour making my lips appear healthy and moist but not too shiny.

There was no stinging/tingling sensation you sometimes experience with products that claim to 'plump' the lips, however I didn't note any visible change in their appearance regarding fullness.

Here are a few pics of my lips with the balm on:

It's a luxurious product to use when you just want that 'natural look' or to feel a little more 'glam'med up. But, with the price tag making it more of a high-end item, I'll be sparse using this product day-to-day. One to keep for a treat or when in need of some additional TLC (Tender Lip Care). 
Have any of you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?
x Gem


  1. It looks lovely and im sure it will smell lush too xx

    1. It's a great remedy for poorly lips in this weather :-)