Tuesday, 2 April 2013

An Afternoon Stroll in Margam Country Park

This weekend saw the start of longer days, and, to celebrate, the OH and I decided to go for a walk in a beautiful local park - Margam Country Park.
It's a place with so much heritage and natural beauty I thought I'd pop a quick post up with a few of the pics I took on my mobile. (NB, It's also where some of the filming for Dr Who and the forthcoming Davinci's Demons took place.)
So, keeping it light and picture heavy, this is where we've been walking....
The Castle

The Grounds
Can you imagine how beautiful this will look when the flowers start to come through?
The Chapter House
The Orangery
This beautiful building is used for all sorts of functions including weddings.
There's so much more I could've done with a) a better camera, and b) more time and planning. I hadn't intended doing a post on this, but when I looked at the pics I'd taken, I thought 'why not?' Hopefully it'll inspire some of you to go out and explore around your home town. Even the ugliest of towns can still have areas of beauty after all.
Much love,

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