Friday, 5 April 2013

Review: Leighton Denny Essential Nail Varnish Remover and Opi Hong Kong Sunrise

At £5.50 for 125ml, and as part of a recent purchase, I picked up the Leighton Denny Essential Nail Polish Remover from which arrived yesterday (you can read the details here).
I've got lots and lots of varnishes which I seem to keep on adding to, although I rarely take the time and effort necessary to look after my nails and keep them looking good. Although my nails are often quite long and strong, I have the awful habit of picking at the skin around them, thereby causing them to feel sore and look worse for wear.
Last week I decided to start painting them more often in a bid to a) improve the appearance and b) prevent me picking at the skin so much.
Now, I see a lot of NOTD posts and am not going to start adding to these. But, in a bid to keep me on track and start using up what I've got, I may do a summary post from time to time.
My choice of shade last weekend was part of a bargain buy from TK Maxx a few months ago (you can see details on this post here) - Opi Hong Kong Sunrise.

You'll have to excuse the shoddy workmanship around the edges - as I say, I need some practise. I thought this colour would be great for the start of summer - bright and warm. This is two quick coats of the polish with no topcoat (Yep, another rookie error! lol)

That was on Sunday. By this morning, after a week of flicking through thousands of files at work (I'm not exagerating when I say this) and typing like a mad woman, they were in a rather pitiful state....

With no time like the present I decided to give it a bash and see if there was any difference between this product and the supermarket brands I've previously used.

The info on the packaging for the essential remover states:

'Leighton Denny Essential Remover contains an innovative blend of ingredients that moisturise, strengthen and help protect against brittle nails whilst removing polish efficiently and fast. An advanced performance formula it's also acentone free so safe for both natural and artificial nails.'

So, what did I think?

The bottle has a small dispenser which means you don't over use the product, or worse still, end up pouring it down your hands (I've done this more than once with the cheaper, larger bottle tops in the past!)

I found that I only needed to use one cotton ball to remove all of the varnish from both hands as opposed to two or more which would've previously been the norm.

The polish seemed to be retained within the cotton ball more effectively too. It didn't smudge or bleed onto my skin at all! I didn't experience as much stinging in the papercuts on my fingertips (yep, another of the drawbacks of being a paper shuffler!)

I experienced none of the greasiness or residue on my nails or hands I've had in the past and my skin didn't feel dried out after use.

Even more impressive is that it managed to get almost all of the residue from those difficult to get at parts on the sides too without needing excessive scrubbing or worse still, scraping!

Result - clean nails ready for some tlc and a new colour (plus top coat this time too). When it's this easy to use, I may well make this a habit!

Much love,




  1. The OPI Expert Touch Remover is also brilliant - literally melts polish away, and it makes your fingers smell of fruit pastilles once dry! High end removers really are worth the money in my opinion :)


    1. Agreed! I'd usually use twice as much if not more of the remover as well as the cotton pads. I'd happily pay for more of the same in the future. x

  2. You have really lovely nails, I am jealous! I really love the Bourjois nail polish remover that everyone raves about on here and I gave in and bought ha xx

    1. Aw thank you. I really should take better care though and make them stand out. x