Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friday Facial - Something For The Weekend

After a long hard day and with the weekend to look forward to, I love nothing more than a soak and a bit of extra pampering to finish off my working week. So, what products have I used? ....
First up, the essential glass of wine - after all it's no longer a school night right? Here's a (very) generous glass of one of my favourites Tesco Finest Cotes De Gascogne normally £7.99 per bottle, currently on offer at £5.99 plus 25% off any 6 bottles or more so £4.49 making it even more delicious!

Another essential - my towelling headband. This one's from a champneys set I got last christmas and it's brilliant. Soft, elasticated, wide plus it's easy to wash. This way I don't end up stray hairs wandering onto my skin and getting clogged with product.
A clean flannel left to soak in hot (but not scalding) water until required.
Ok, so that's the prep out of the way. On to the products ... 
Step one - Cleanse (Nude Cleansing Wash): I've been using this for the past two weeks and love the creamy lather it creates. Although not designed as a make up remover, I find it does the job perfectly. It doesn't feel harsh or leave my skin feeling dry and has a fresh, almost floral scent. The smallest amount of product is enough to cleanse my whole face and I've experienced no breakouts.
Step two - Exfoliate (Dr Nick Lowe Scrub): This tube has lasted me well over a month and there's still enough left to hopefully see me to mid month. The consistency is perfect - grainy yet not too harsh, easy to work around the skin and the cooling effect makes my skin feel totally clean. It's definitely one to try if looking for a good scrub.
At this point I use the hot flannel to open my pores for a few minutes before moving on to the next stage...
Step three - De-clogging (Origins Mask): Using just a thin layer, this really gets into my pores and draws out the impurities. It dries quickly and is easy to remove leaving my skin looking fresh and glowing.
Finally, just a quick splash of cool water to close my pores and I'm done.
Have any of you tried these products? I've found them to be a great combination  for my oily skin and will be purchasing all three again in the future.


  1. Great pampet hun. All three of those products sound amazing!

  2. This sounds like a super pampering way to wash away the stress from the week. The hot flannel is a good idea prior to a mask. I might try this routine this weekend. Thank you for sharing this!