Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

It's been an age since I raved about the Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask from Lush (reviewed here) however today that beautiful smell of potions and lotions again drew me into the store.
After an informative chat with the in store assistant, she recommended two mask products for my oily skin (both £5.95/75g):
Cupcake - 'this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse' - mud masks being a tried and tested success on my skin meant I didn't need a lot of persuading to decide to open my purse strings for this delightfully tasty sounding product.
Brazened Honey - 'A detox to get tired and dull skin back to being radiant and glowing.' - I'd mentioned a love of scrubs and the assistant advised that the particles contained in this mask were ideal for buffing away dead skin cells. Sold!
Unfortunately the Honey mask was sold out temporarily. Undeterred, the assistant offered me a few sample pots to take away and try out. Of course, while she was busy potting it up I picked up a mini Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion (£1/10g) too.
As I may well be popping back to Swansea tomorrow (co-inciding with the new batch coming in to store), I decided no time like the present and hot-footed it into the bathroom to get the tub run and try out one of the mini pots....
You can see the product is a thick consistency with some nice chunky bits in there perfect for exfoliating. It smells great too - not sickly or overly sweet.


I smoothed a generous layer over slightly damp skin. The texture  makes it easy to apply an even layer and work into place without running or dropping away from the skin. Within 10 minutes I could feel it drawing and tightening as it dried.

After 10 mins and a quick test on a patch of skin, the product had dried enough to've done it's work. It was so easy to buff away with my fingertips and barely left anything to wash away. A quick rinse and it was off - effortless and painless.
My skin looked de-clogged and felt really smooth and fresh without being tight or dried out.
Yay, another success! I can't wait to try the cupcake out now too.
Much love,

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