Saturday, 17 August 2013

Results: Making My Own Body Scrub

I've mentioned just how much I love a good scrub loads of times on my blog and am always trying new ones. In a bid to start looking for cheaper alternatives though, I decided to try my hand at a little DIY and make one of my own.


Pure Coconut Oil = £14.99 a jar (bought from Holland & Barrett today - buy one, get one for 1p).
Soothing Seasalt = £2.50 (again from H & B)
Lavender = free - picked from my garden
Pot = free - recycled from a previous product
So, here are the results:
Raw Coconut Oil - I chose this type of oil after a little research, mainly due to it's softening, soothing properties, not to mention the scent too. Sea salt  - draws out toxins and provides the coarse element to slough off dead skin cells.
I've been drying out some lavender from the garden for two weeks and decided to add some of this to the mix. It looks and smells pretty and I thought it'd give an added texture too.
The salt and oil mixed together easily and smelt gorgeous!!

I stirred through some lavender and sprinkled some on top - doesn't it look pretty?
So, what did I think of the final product?
It was so simple to make - the benefit being you can always add more oil/salts as required so you get to tailor your scrub to your preferences. The coconut oil smells fantastic. I probably won't use the lavender next time as the scent of the coconut is so delicious on it's own, plus it was a bit of a pain to wash out of the tub. Tthe sea salt was easy to wash off leaving the oil lingering on my skin - another bonus as there's no need to follow with a moisturiser! An hr later and It feels really soft and supple without being greasy.
I've popped the remaining oil in the fridge and have read that it's good for hair too so I'll be giving this a go in the future.
For what it's cost to make, I'll definitely be experimenting further and getting good use out of this for a fraction of the price I'd normally pay for a body scrub. Plus with the alternative uses for the coconut oil, it's a real multi-tasker!
Bye for now!